Winco Contractors is committed first and foremost to employee safety. We believe that a continuous training program heightens awareness and reinforces safe working practices, therefore employee education is an integral part of our safety program. We offer:

Post Offer Training
In conjunction with a licensed facility, every new employee receives functional testing before they begin working on any of our job sites. This encourages employee wellness, decreases worker turnover, and reduces job site injuries, at the same time increasing company productivity and profitability. This way we not only have a well trained work force, we also place the right employee in the right job.


Employee Training
Training employees to work safely is essential and is the responsibility of management/supervision. At Winco Contractors we continually train our employees on weekly safety topics, as well as provide OSHA training on a monthly basis.

Safety Clinics
On Site Safety Clinics are provided to employees post-injury. An occupational therapist will work side by side with the employee to help improve their job site techniques in order for the employee to avoid injury. The On Site Safety Clinics empower our employees to work better, safer, and smarter.

Job Site Safety Audits
A regular process performed at all Winco Contractors job sites that identifies and corrects or removes work site hazards, efficiently minimizing accidents and injuries.

Employee Empowerment
Every Winco Contractors employee has the power to stop an unsafe act. There is no need to report to a supervisor if an unsafe act is being committed. By having the ability to speak up, many unsafe situations and acts can be avoided.

We all want to go home safely at the end of every work day and we want the same for each of our co-workers. Creating and maintaining a safe workplace, combined with the prevention of personal injuries and accidents is not only ethical, it’s simply good business.